Myths About Treating For Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are one of the most common backyard pests, and with them being so common a lot of different ways to repel them have come to light. Sadly, a lot of myths about mosquito treatment in Gainesville have come up as well, and it’s time for them to be debunked.

The first myth is where mosquitoes like to breed. It is not true that mosquitoes breed in high grass or thick vegetation. While they like cool and moist areas, they often lay their eggs in standing water around the home, so you should target those areas first. Mowing your lawn might remove a resting spot for the bugs, but it won’t stop them from breeding.

The second myth is that some plants will repel mosquitoes if you place them around the home. Some plants do have bug repelling capabilities, but no plant is able to repel a mosquito. The essential oils from some plants are effective bug repellent, but the plants that produce the oil do nothing on their own.

This third myth is going to be perfect for a hot day because a low fan will help to repel mosquitoes. A floor fan going at a medium speed will mess with the mosquitoes flying capabilities and knock them around. Ceiling fans are less effective because the bugs don’t fly high enough to get affected by the breeze.

mosquito treatment in Gainsville

With the knowledge that mosquitoes zone in on a human body due to the amount of carbon dioxide that it produces, some people think that certain foods can attract or repel the bugs. This is a false claim, and there’s no evidence that types of food can influence the bugs. Now that you know the myths, you can debunk them and get back to the actual ways that you can repel mosquitoes!

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